Projects @ SDK are a terrific way to build professional skills in a variety of domains.

Software Engineering Projects for  Students of CSE,  IT and Practicing Professionals,  can propel their career forward.   Learn from top professionals and industry leading domain experts.

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Get domain knowledge

These projects, integrate academic theory and practical knowledge along with domain knowledge which is critical, for understanding of the challenges that shape global organizations. Expert-led software development will help in understanding the requirement and business logic, and code.

Learn favorite technology

Software project development is impossible without the technical knowledge, there are incredibly useful languages like Python, Java, .NET and cloud computing. Once the requirements are finalised, choosing the right technology for development is the next step. Learn based on the project , chosen.

Best guidance for projects

Domain knowledge and the project guidance is from subject matter experts, who have the experience of developing the products from scratch. Our SMEs worked in Retail, Manufacturing, ERP, Telecom, BFSI, HR, Hospitality and Healthcare domains. Also cloud computing

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Subtract any number from 1 million in the head