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Welcome to SDK Technologies - Infrastructure Division

Irrigation infra-projects in Telangana and Andhra

Welcome to our specialized realm of high-volume earthmoving and compacting projects. At the heart of our operations is an expertly trained team capable of seamlessly managing all facets of earthmoving work, guaranteeing a smooth process from project initiation to successful completion.

Currently, we are actively involved in projects located in Uddhandapur, Jadcherla, Telangana, and Polavaram, Andhra Pradesh. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to precision and efficiency, positioning us as the ideal choice for your earthmoving and compacting requirements in these regions.

Our strength lies in meticulous planning and flawless execution, ensuring not only the adherence to timelines but also the optimization of budgets. Choose us for a reliable partner dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations in every phase of your earthmoving and compacting endeavors.

Welcome to SDK Technologies - Education Division

At SDK, a dedicated team of educators, technology innovators, and recent graduates have come together with a shared vision: to empower students with the essential skills they need to thrive in their careers. With a focus on bridging the gap between education and industry, we collaborate with colleges and companies to deliver high-quality, scalable experiential learning programs.

Our journey began with the development of 'TestRunner,' a product line designed to simplify exam preparation. Building on this foundation, we introduced 'SDK's Speed Math,' a groundbreaking approach to Vedic Mathematics. This innovative product represents a modern interpretation of ancient mathematical techniques, aiming to enhance learning and problem-solving skills for students of all levels.

At SDK, we are committed to shaping the future workforce by providing educational solutions that are not only effective but also innovative and engaging. Join us on this exciting educational adventure, where learning meets innovation, and together, let’s empower the next generation of leaders.

TestRunner Tool:

The TestRunner Tool is a versatile software solution designed to streamline the creation and management of question banks for various types of assessments. Here are the key features:

  • Question Bank Creation: The tool can build a comprehensive question bank from content in MS Word, accommodating multiple question formats, including MCQs, True or False, Fill in the blanks, and Match the following.
  • Categorization and Organization: The question bank is intelligently categorized into subjects, chapters, and topics, facilitating easy navigation and organization.
  • Mock Test Functionality: Users can conduct mock tests, configuring the weightage of questions from different subjects to simulate real exam scenarios.
  • Detailed Reporting: The tool generates insightful reports that include scores, highlighting strong and weak areas for each participant.
  • Targeted Practice: Participants can engage in targeted practice tests at the subject, chapter, topic, or identified weak areas level.
  • Adaptive Testing Solutions: The tool has been successfully utilized for developing adaptive testing solutions, including applications for GRE, English Listening Comprehension classroom training, and online testing for Osmania University English Department.
  • Wide Adoption: Widely adopted by Osmania University's English Department for use across all affiliated colleges.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored solutions, including the popular BITSAT TestRunner, have been developed to meet specific testing needs.

SDK's Speed Math:

SDK's Speed Math is a self-learning product designed to teach mental math using Vedic Mathematics. Here are the key features:

  • Generative AI Philosophy: Developed almost 20 years ago, SDK's Speed Math follows a generative AI philosophy. Teaching material is dynamically generated using algorithms in real-time.
  • Animated Character Explanation: The learning experience is enhanced through animated characters that explain mathematical concepts, making it engaging and effective.
  • Vedic Mathematics: The product focuses on Vedic Mathematics, offering a unique approach to mental math that is both efficient and easy to grasp.
  • Self-Learning: Ideal for self-learning, SDK's Speed Math empowers users to enhance their mental math skills at their own pace.

These products showcase our commitment to creating innovative and effective solutions for education, testing, and mental math development.

Workshops for Engineering Students

Our workshops are designed to provide students with hands-on experience and practical knowledge in areas such as Python programming, DevOps, Database Management Systems (DBMS), Data Structures, C++, and Java.

Campus Recruitment Tests

Campus recruitment tests are an important aspect of the hiring process for many companies. These tests help companies assess the general aptitude and analytical skills of engineering students to determine their suitability for the role they are applying for.

SDK's Speed Math

SDK's Speed Math teaches you methods based on Vedic Mathemetics. No need to mug up or use any special skills. A simple change in the approach in the way one calculates will bring in tremendous change. This is an 8-hour workshop conducted over 2 weekends.

Workshop for Schools

We offer engaging workshops on Python programming and Speed Math. Python workshop will help the students to explore the world of programming and understand its real-life applications. Speed Math workshop aims to improve students' calculation abilities and enhance their mathematical skills

Bridging gap between Campus and Career : SDK offers high impact projects(HIP) to help the students become career ready in the 21st Century.

Employers stress that skills such as written communication, problem solving, and ability to work on a team are more critical to success than specific content knowledge. HIPs help students acquire these skills through their problem-centered, applied approach to learning.

Our other popular proprietary products are: 
TestRunner - exam prep made easy
Mathematics, albeit being the first subject SDK has ventured into, is not the only one.  Just fast calculations alone don’t ensure success in entrance exams, SDK Technologies also offers software solutions for the intense practice needed for the same.

SDK TestRunner is a series of products that are focused on multiple entrance exams including but not limited to JEE, UGC and NEET (UG and PG). 
The products are backed by excellent content that has been created, curated and verified by experts in their respective fields. It allows the student to test their current standing in the subject,  identify the topics on which they have a solid grip and the ones that are their weakness, practice with multiple sets of sample papers, practice individual topics and many other features that make preparation easy and stress free. A student’s biggest foe is the vast syllabus that can be overwhelming.

SDK’s Testrunner helps organize the topics allowing more efficient study. 
Graphical representation of results, stored previous results and detailed analysis of improvement help students focus and boosts their confidence.

Irrigation infra-projects in Telangana and Andhra

We efficiently execute high volume earth moving work and  compacting work. 

We have a well trained team who can handle earth moving work from beginning to end. 

We are working at Uddhandapur in Jadcherla, Telangana and Polavaram, Andhra Pradesh. 

SDK's Speed Math

Speed Math Tutor, one of the first products SDK Technologies placed on shelves is the first of its kind. It’s a modern take on Vedic Mathematics, an ancient Indian book containing tricks that make mathematics easy to solve. Speed Math Tutor brought back techniques that have existed in India for centuries and made it accessible to the children of the current generation.  

It helps boost their calculation speed which has proven to be a crucial skill for students attempting entrance exams. With enough practice the audience for the product has claimed to be faster than a calculator. 

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