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About SDK's Speed Math

SDK's Speed Math Tutor based on Vedic Mathematics was first released as a software CD in the year 2002. It received rave reviews in the news papers across India. The people behind this product are reputed academicians today they bring 30+ years of experience in developing various  eLearning products.

SDK's Speed Math courses develop calculation ability and overcome fear of Math. This life changing course will alter the way we do calculations. The skills developed in this course remain a lifelong asset irrespective of the career path we take. This course will improve speed and accuracy in calculations along with confidence, and thinking skills.

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Why SDK's Speed Math

SDK's Speed Math developed methods based on fundamental mathematics. These methods alter the way calculations are performed and thus bringing in significant improvement. 

From the first lesson onwards an increase in speed and accuracy of calculations can be observed. This will boost the confidence and develop interest to solve the problems mentally. Problems that appeared difficult to solve before learning the method will become easy.

At the end of the course SDK's Speed Math Level 1 99 Multiplication Tables can be Mastered. Though it sounds impossible by learning the technique and doing the practice assignments this is possible.

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Why Learn Speed Calculations

We do calculations very often in life. We encounter serious calculations very early in the school, here we commit small mistakes and get incorrect answers. This situation actually creates a fear about mathematics and we avoid learning mathematics. Let us see where all we use calculations in life.

Calculations at Primary School

At primary we learn additions, Subtraction and .multiplications. This continues...

Calculations at High School

Calculations at high school become very tough and we are introduced to many concepts in math.

Real Life Calculations

Collecting change at various places, time and distance calculations, discount calculations

Calculations at Secondary School

We start slightly tougher calculations in secondary school and start hating math.

Calculations at competitive exams

Speed and accuracy in calculations will improve score and provides extra time to review.

Calculations at Bank

We calculate various offers at the Bank and a quick calculation techniques will help us assess faster.

SDK's Speed Math

Level 1 Course Details

SDK's Speed Math - Level1

Objective of this course is to make you a Master in 99 Multiplication tables.

You will observe improvement from the first session. At the end of the session you can subtract any number from 1000000 within 10 seconds.

This course also covers Speed Additions and Speed Subtractions. Learn real life applications of all the methods learnt.

Finally by the end of the course you will Master 99 Multiplication Tables.

The course is useful for everyone from students in Grade 4 to Competitive Exams Aspirants.

SDK's Speed Math

Level 2 Course Details

SDK's Speed Math - Level 2

In Level 2 we cover complex multiplication methods. This course aims to impart confidence in students. 

These methods are based on Vedic Mathematics. Course is structured to help students overcome fear of math.  We at SDK Technologies over the course of the last two decades, overcame this problem and developed our own approach - SURAJ method of multiplication. 

This will help the students quickly multiply two digit and three digit numbers, squares and cubes. 

This approach will improve calculation speed and accuracy, thinking skills, confidence in Mathematics and prepare them for competitive exams.

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News Paper Reviews

SDK Speed Math received rave reports from leading news papers in India

SDK's Speed Math


SDK's Speed Math Level 1 Fee Rs. 1500

  1. Complements
  2. Addition
  3. Subtraction
  4. Mastering 99 Multiplication Tables
  5. Calculate quickly up to 999 Tables
  6. A quick and accurate Multiplication method
  7. Video Lessons 
  8. Practice Exercises. 
  9. 4 Two hours online live classes

SDK's Speed Math Level 2 Course Fees Rs. 2500

  1. Includes all topics of Workshop1
  2. Above 100 Multiplications
  3. Below 100 Multiplications
  4. Above and below 1000 Multiplications
  5. Short cut method to remember
  6. Suraj method of multiplication a general and powerful method. All the above culminate into this single method.
  7. Two digit multiplication method
  8. Cross multiplication method.
  9. General multiplication method.
  10. Fun with 5's
  11. Fun with 9's
  12. Squares
  13. Cubes
  14. Practical application of methods learned and making this new way of calculations a habit.

8 Two hours online live classes

Want to join the Workshop Level 2 click here, you will be taken to the pricing page. 

SDK's Speed Math Free Course

Free course covers

  1. Complements
  2. Addition
  3. Subtraction

Here you will find 

  1. Video Lessons 
  2. Practice Exercises. 

There is an assignment you should complete before learning the lesson. Practice exercise after lesson will show the improvement. There are many assignments to give the feel of the course.

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SDK's Speed Math

SDK's Speed Math is a mental math training program that employs powerful methods based on Vedic Mathematics. These methods are very easy to learn, they are supported by relevant online practice assignments to make this new way of calculation a habit. Let us see the demo of the methods being taught.

Become a Math Wizard

Traditional Vedic methods will improve computational skills, a detailed explanation and tailored practice exercises will pave the way for a Math Wizard. Become confident in Math.

Structured Approach

SDK Speed Math is a structured course. Methodology is based on strong mathematical foundation. It starts from basic calculations and goes up to more complex calculations.

SURAJ Method

SURAJ method is powerful, using it improves calculation speed and accuracy. SURAJ method is useful to calculate in the mind quickly. You can become Mental Math Wizard.

Teaching Methodology

Lessons are taught using videos. Every lesson video is le less than 5 minutes. This would take at least half an hour in a traditional class.

Practice Assignments

There are about 1000 questions in each level. The assignments are guided and adaptive. Relevant to strengthen grasp on methods learnt.

Real Life Applications

Every aspect of fundamental math covered has some real life situation in which it is useful. There are practice assignments as word problems.

SDK's Speed Math

Complements Introduction
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About Us

making challenges simple

In the year 2002, SDK Technologies (SDK) is put on track by knowledgeable software professionals who have a combined experience of 50 man years. SDK is into e Learning and e Publishing. Education is the fastest growing vertical in India and is the current requirement. Besides competitive exam software titles, SDK published books and software titled Speed Math using Vedic Mathematics catering to the school students studying K-12. 

Maintaining the spirit of helping competitive exams SDK is now focused on developing content for core skills needed for success in the competitive exams. Now we will be providing training and assessment in Math Skills through SDK Speed Math, other skills we intend to develop are reading skills, English, logical reasonong and finally spoken English.

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