SDK's Speed Math offers two workshops.

SDK's Speed Math Level 1, in this 4 hours, 2 Day workshop,  learn to Master 99 Multiplication Tables and multiplication of big numbers. At the end of the workshop, you will be  able to recite any table from 2 to 99 mentally, and also you will learn to calculate any bigger multiplication, using a single line method. 

SDK's Speed Math Level 2, in this 8 hours, 4 Day workshop, you will learn, life changing mental math methods, based on Vedic Mathematics, they are taught very interestingly and interactively in 4 Days. The methods are either mental or single line to calculate Multiplications, Squares, Cubes, Square-Roots and Cube-roots

This will help you become confident in mathematics, as this is an important subject, in whatever career path you may take, be an Engineer, Doctor, Investment Banker, Chartered Accountants or Auditor.

Next Batch Schedule

21st May and 23rd May.

SDK's Speed Math Level 1

Online Workshop, Master 99 Times tables in 4 hours.

SDK's Speed Math Level 2

4 Day Workshop, 2 hours session each day.

SDK's Speed Math FAQs

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