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    Learn Python Programming online, JNTUH curriculum.

    Learn DevOps online, with hands on practice

    Learn OOP using JAVA, curriculum JNTUH

    Learn C, C++ programming curriculum JNTUH

    Learn programming through real life applications

    These projects, integrate academic theory and practical knowledge along with domain knowledge which is critical, for understanding of the challenges that shape global organizations.

    Expert-led software development will help in understanding the requirement and business logic, and code.

    For Engineering Colleges

    We specialize in conducting interactive workshops for engineering colleges, focusing on essential computer science subjects. Our workshops are designed to provide students with hands-on experience and practical knowledge in areas such as Python programming, DevOps, Database Management Systems (DBMS), Data Structures, C++, and Java. Our workshops go beyond theoretical concepts by emphasizing a practical approach, enabling students to develop a deep understanding of software development. Through engaging exercises and real-world examples, participants gain valuable skills that can be applied directly in their future careers.

    For Schools

    We offer engaging workshops for schools, focusing on two key subjects: Python programming and Speed Math. Our workshops are designed to provide students with practical knowledge and enhance their skills in these areas. In our Python workshop, students will have the opportunity to explore the world of programming and understand its real-life applications. Additionally, our Speed Math workshop aims to improve students' calculation abilities and enhance their mathematical skills. Through innovative techniques and strategies, we teach students how to perform mental calculations quickly and accurately.

    Learn favorite technology

    Software project development is impossible without the technical knowledge, there are incredibly useful languages like Python, Java, .NET and cloud computing.

    Once the requirements are finalized, choosing the right technology for development is the next step. Learn based on theĀ  project.


    Campus Recruitment Tests

    Campus recruitment tests are an important aspect of the hiring process for many companies. These tests help companies assess the general aptitude and analytical skills of engineering students to determine their suitability for the role they are applying for. Try these practice tests to gain a competitive edge in the job market, also prepare for future assessments and interviews.

    Cloud Computing

    DevOps is an approach to culture, automation, and platform design intended to deliver increased business value and responsiveness through rapid, high-quality service delivery.This course gives you the basic foundational principles of DevOps with a particular focus on culture and the DevOps mindset.

    SDK's Speed Math

    SDK's Speed Math teaches you methods based on Vedic Mathemetics. No need to mug up or use any special skills. A simple change in the approach in the way one calculates will bring in tremendous change. This is an 8-hour workshop conducted over two weekends. Participant will get access to the complete content comprising of videos and assignments for one year.

    Aptitude Tests

    This is a Mock Test for candidates to help the candidate gain test taking experience, assess knowledge and skills and add to them. This is a test of multiple choice questions on Analytical, Quantitative and Verbal topics for Campus Recruitment tests.

    Software Courses offered

    You can learn these courses from our experts.


    Introduction, Core Object Types, Control flow, Functions, Data Structures, Exceptions, Classes, Modules


    Java, the versatile code king, reigns supreme in virtual realms, empowering programs with its coffee-fueled charm.


    DevOps, the bridge of collaboration, unites teams and tools in a seamless dance, delivering software with speed and enhanced performance.

    C ++

    C , the stalwart language of systems and software, blends power and efficiency, forging programs with finesse and control.
    Language certificate preparation courses

    Frequently asked questions

    The duration of the training program varies depending on the specific course. Please refer to the course details for each language or DevOps to find the specific duration.
    Prerequisites may vary for each course. Generally, basic programming knowledge and familiarity with computer systems are beneficial, but specific prerequisites will be mentioned in the course details.
    Yes, you can choose to learn multiple languages. We offer separate courses for Python, Java, C++, and DevOps, allowing you to select the languages you want to focus on.
    Yes, upon successful completion of the training program, participants will be awarded.
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