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English listening comprehension

Listening comprehension is among the most challenging skill to improve.  Listening demands understanding and making sense of spoken language, that include recognizing speech sounds, understanding the meaning, understanding the syntax.

Listen to different short conversations and long talks categorized as

  • Action                                     
  • Inference
  • Idioms                                     
  • Central idea
  • Assumption   
  • Information 

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Listening comprehension is often deemed among learners as the most challenging skill to improve. They find that the amount of time they put into developing their skills does not correspond to their desired result. 

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Listening Comprehension

English listening comprehension practice for beginning, intermediate, upper and advanced level English classes and learners. Useful to everyone preparing for TOEFL or IELTS.

Practice is Important

Listening comprehension depends on the rhythm with which utterances are spoken, and grasp the relevant inferences based on context. This requires real world knowledge and understanding speaker-specific attributes.

Regularity is the key

Familiarity with the pronunciation is possible when you listen to the spoken language every day. Spoken language is different from written language as it is contextual. You should spend sufficient time to improve listening skill daily.

Listening Resources

If your target language is not widely spoken in the place you live, resources you find here are useful for you to practice. Also go on searching online for more resources. Podcasts are a good choice as they involve authentic dialogue in casual setting.

Find out your comprehension

Know how much you understand when you listen. Here you find a short video with its subtitles. Listen to it a several times and do your best to understand. After that, answer the quiz on that conversation. Figure out what causes you to miss them.

Listen to conversations

Conversations usually take place in an uncontrolled context and you will hear things you don’t expect. Here is an opportunity with so many conversations, for you to understand how the language is actually spoken in certain situations.

SDK's Listening Comprehension

You will find a wide variety of conversations here, in Long Conversations, Long Talks and Short Conversations. You are expected to understand various aspects like Action, Inference, Idioms, Central idea, Assumption, and Information.

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100+ conversations with 300+ questions for comprehension assessment.

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