Become an Expert in understanding and making sense of spoken language, through English LC @SDK

Listening comprehension is among the most challenging skills to improve.  Listening demands understanding and making sense of spoken language, that include recognizing speech sounds, understanding the meaning, understanding the syntax.

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SDK's English LC Free Course

This is a free course to try before you take a decision. This will have conversations followed by questions on the conversation. The best way to learn listening comprehension.

SDK's English LC Course

Listen to different short conversations and long talks from categories like, Action, Inference, Idioms, Central idea, Assumption, Information. After that answer the questions on the conversations heard.

Listening comprehension is the most important skill for every professional front ending the business.


A conversation communicating an action.


Draw an inference from a conversation or announcement.

Central Idea

Understand central idea of a lecture or announcement.


Understand assumptions in a conversation.


There are conversations among friends.


Conversations among colleagues.


Understand a lecture in a classroom.


Understand the details from announcement.

Decisions are hard.

Understanding a Conversation is not easy.

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