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Projects@SDK opens a window to the world of opportunities

Students are entering an increasingly competitive career market where domain knowledge and real time project development experience is required for career-readiness. A key predictor of success after graduation—in terms of career goals, placement, improvements in critical thinking, and general post-grad life satisfaction.

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Step 1: Register for a project

We should know your profile, the first step to begin Project@SDK

Step 2: Identify the suitable project domain

We offer projects in multiple domains. Together we identify suitable domain based on the profile.

Step 3: Project kick off and initiation process.

Understand the detailed requirements and get the required domain knowledge.

Step 4: Project Development.

Understanding final deliverables, get required technical inputs, develop the project prototype and final delivery.

In-demand skill with Projects@SDK

At SDK Technologies, our mission is for every student to pursue a project in the domain of their choice, so they are better prepared to enter a rapidly evolving 21st-century life and workforce.

Projects@SDK will provide the required experience for an intern about the software industry. One gets exposure to software development process, project management process with clearly defined deliverables at the end of the project.

Projects are offered in Cloud Computing, Retail, Fintech and Healthcare domains. Projects are offered based on the profile of the candidate.

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Cloud Computing

Virtually every technology implementation these days is full of cloud stories.


Retail is a very broad term that encompasses a huge industry, employing millions


Fintech apps, have racked up close to 25 million merchants in the last five years or so.


The digitalization of the healthcare sector is one of the biggest trends today.

Software, domain knowledge is critical, for that specific industry.

These recommended expert-led courses will deepen your knowledge about your discipline and help you translate your new mastery into real world results. Start learning and applying your education today!

Retail, Manufacturing

Retailers try to deliver exceptional customer experiences


Automation of accounts is essential activity for business

Inventory Management

Better inventory management is the key for business success.


As the business size grows ERP is the most important software

Technical Skills

Python, Java, Pega training for application development


Timely delivery without any damage and minimum cost


Healthcare services depend extensively on software

Insurance and Banking

Insurance and Banking embed their services with software

IT Infrastructure

Any distributed software implementation needs infrastructure

Data Analytics

Data is available everywhere, effective use is the key

UI and UX design

Software app or web, UI ad UX design is essential ingredient


Communication offers immense opportunities as it is important

How projects are done @SDK

When students are to enter, an increasingly competitive career market, they need to stay ahead in the competition. Projects@SDK provide that advantage by giving exposure to domain knowledge and apply the technical knowledge they already have. Also learn the advance technical aspects that helps them further their career.

Here is a video presentation of the ERP developed by one of the key team members. We are offering projects on this ERP to migrate into technologies using Python, Django and MariaDB. We have small modules that can be developed in 8 to 12 weeks.

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How projects are done @SDK

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Projects@SDK strengthen your technical skills and domain knowledge. During the project development all procedures that are followed in software development are adhered. The projects offered are from sought after domains, with great scope for career progress.

Featured Instructors

Instructors at SDK are from IT industry, with hands-on experience and appetite for training. They are experienced in large scale deployments and also developing software products from scratch. Worked in offshore and onshore development models.

Rajam Naidu

2 courses
28 students

Krishna Mohan P

3 courses
50 students

Sudha Pragallapati

3 courses
48 students

Rajam PVS

1 courses
52 students
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