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Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Squares and Cubes become easy and you can quickly calculate in your head.

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Mastering 99 Tables in 4 hours

Anyone who knows 9 Multiplication Tables can Master 99 Multiplication Tables in Just 4 hours. This workshop is conducted online, in two days. 

We provide access to video content and assignments on our site for 1 year. 

After attending the workshop and completing all the assignments, you will be able to Master 99 Multiplication Tables, this will help to make this new approach a habit. 

There is no need to mug up, you just need to know 9 multiplication tables. The method is based on traditional ancient approach of Indian calculation methods.  

The techniques learnt will also make you calculate 999 multiplication tables, and you can multiply very quickly with any two-digit numbers.

Also learn a technique to learn to multiply a big number quickly.

Your accuracy will improve as you will be thinking and concentrating. You skill will be recognized by everyone.

Next Batch:
Week1: 6th and 7th October
Timings: 11 AM to 1 PM. 
Fee:          Rs.999/.

Practice Material in Book form

SDK's Speed Math

If Anyone wants to quickly enhance their calculation speed, this is the best workshop, based on Vedic Mathematics. 

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to do calculations easily and others struggle?
Does the difference lie in the kind of education received, intelligence, skills, timings, hard work, teachers or mere luck.
The shocking answer is none of the above.
The difference lies in the methods they adopt for faster calculations.

SDK's Speed Math teaches you methods based on Vedic Mathemetics. No need to mug up or use any special skills. A simple change in the approach in the way one calculates will bring in tremendous change.

This is an 8-hour workshop conducted over two weekends. Participant will get access to the complete content comprising of videos and assignments for one year. 

In this workshop learn multiplications, squares, cubes and many more. Mastering 99 Tables is included in this workshop,

Next Batch:
Week1: 15th and 16th October Week2: 1st and 2nd October 
Timings: 11AM to 1 PM IST
Fees: Rs. 1,999 Rs.1499

Practice Material in Book form

What You Learn in SDK's Speed Math

This workshop will increase your calculation speed 3 to 4 times faster than your present speed. The difference between those who are good at calculations and those who aren't is determined by the methods they adopt to do the calculations.


88 + 97, 378 + 498


86 - 49, 265 - 187

Master 99 Tables

58 x 7, 76 x 8, 84 x 9


128 x 107, 212 x 108

Multiplication - 1

86 x 93, 57 x 53, 78 x 74


Squares of 67, 89, 128


Cubes of 48, 76, 114 etc

Multiplication - 2

347 x 839, 478 x 736

Fun with 5's

75 x 75, 58 x 58

Fun with 5's - 2

83 x 87, 48 x 68

Fun with 5's - 3

23 x 83, 47 x 67

Fun with 9's

7347815 x 9999

SDK's Speed Math

Are you thinking this is a very difficult task. No worries, here you learn a technique in less than 5 minutes and start subtracting any number from 1 million. Learn to calculate many things quickly in the head, here.

What You Learn in 99 Multiplication Tables

Most of the calculations you encounter in regular life deal with two-digit numbers. This workshop will help you do many calculations faster and accurately in the head. This also builds confidence in Mathematics.


5000000 - 65328


84 + 77, 563 + 879


73 - 38, 642 - 327

Master 99 Tables

67 x 8, 128 x 7
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