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Super Charge Your Calculation Ability @ SDK's Speed Math

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Squares and Cubes become easy and you can quickly calculate in your head.

  • Self-paced learning
  • Courses made for desktop and mobile devices

SDK's Speed Math Level 1

This is a self paced course which can be learnt by anyone, who wants to improve their calculation ability quickly. Quickly learn to improve addition, subtraction techniques, along with Mastering 99 Multiplication Tables. Course is free for self paced learner.

SDK's Speed Math Level 2

This is a self paced course for anyone studying 5th grade and above. Here one can can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, squares and cubes, to do in their head. Method can be learnt using self learning videos followed by practice exercises.

Demo Technique

Subtract any number from 1 million in the head

SDK's Speed Math Level 2 - Workshop

This is an instructor led training program. One can learn speed calculations and calculate in head by 4 times faster. Research says that students lose confidence when they start doing tougher calculations using big numbers. Simple methods are taught in this workshop to Add, Subtract, Multiply, and to find Squares and Cubes of numbers.. The methods are mental methods and one line calculations. Students will be able to do complex calculations easily and within minutes from the first day.

What You Learn in SDK's Speed Math Level 2

This workshop will increase your calculation speed 3 to 4 times faster than your present speed. The difference between those who are good at calculations and those who aren't is determined by the methods they adopt to do the calculations.


88 + 97, 378 + 498


86 - 49, 265 - 187

Master 99 Tables

58 x 7, 76 x 8, 84 x 9


128 x 107, 212 x 108

Multiplication - 1

86 x 93, 57 x 53, 78 x 74


Squares of 67, 89, 128


Cubes of 48, 76, 114 etc

Multiplication - 2

347 x 839, 478 x 736

Fun with 5's

75 x 75, 58 x 58

Fun with 5's - 2

83 x 87, 48 x 68

Fun with 5's - 3

23 x 83, 47 x 67

Fun with 9's

7347815 x 9999

Mastering 99 Multiplication Tables Workshop

This is an instructor led workshop, by the end of the workshop one can learn to add, subtract quickly in the head and Master 99 Times Tables. This workshop is conducted over two weekends, 2 hours each day.

What You Learn in Mastering 99 Multiplication Tables

Most of the calculations you encounter in regular life deal with two digit numbers. This workshop will help you many calculations faster and accurately in the head. This also builds confidence in Mathematics.

What You Learn in SDK's Speed Math Level 1

This course helps you in improving your calculation speed by 3 - 4 times. Simple techniques are taught in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication.


5000000 - 65328


84 + 77, 563 + 879


73 - 38, 642 - 327

Master 99 Tables

67 x 8, 128 x 7
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