Excel in 99 Multiplication Tables and Accelerated Learning Techniques

Online course, 5 days 1 hour per day and two Online interactive Sessions.

Next batch on 9th November.

Our regular course fee


Special offer Rs. 399

Excel in 99 Tables and Accelerated Learning Techniques

Self learning course 5 days 1 hour per day. Every concept has Video Lessons and Quizzes, one month site access for participants. 

Topics covered are

 Complements, Addition,  Subtraction, Mastering 99 Multiplication Tables,  

Calculate quickly upto 999 Tables,  A quick and accurate Multiplication method

Our Regular Course fee 


 Offer at Warangal Rs.399

Video Lessons

5 Minute Videos explaining the concepts and do along videos. Total number of videos are 18.

Practice Assignments

Practice assignments with guidance and quizzes for assessment. Questions are 1000+.

2 Interactive Sessions

One session covers the concepts, second session to improve learning ability.
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