Excel in 99 Multiplication Tables and Accelerated Learning Techniques

Online course, 5 days 1 hour per day and two Online interactive Sessions.

Next batch on 2nd  November. 

  Course fee USD 20$

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Excel in 99 Tables and Accelerated Learning Techniques

Self learning course which can be covered in 5 hours. Every concept is explained with video lessons, one month site access for participants. 

Topics covered are

 Complements, Addition,  Subtraction, Mastering 99 Multiplication Tables,  

Calculate quickly upto 999 Tables,  A quick and accurate Multiplication method

Course fee USD $20

Video Lessons

5 Minute Videos explaining the concepts and do along videos. Total number of videos are 18.

Practice Assignments

Practice assignments with guidance and quizzes for assessment. Questions are 1000+.

2 Interactive Sessions

One session covers the concepts, second session to improve learning ability.
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