SDK speed math

Using Vedic Mathematics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we are presenting various questions you may have about the course. If you still have questions contact us.

Level 1 is for which grade students?

Level 1 is for students in 4th grade or above. This course starts from basics. Complements, Addition, Subtraction, Single Digit Multiplication.

What skill is learned in Level 1?

From basic skill like addition, subtraction in the head to Mastering 99 times tables. Finally a big multiplication can be handled.

How is it useful?

Course covers real life applications of the skills learned. There are word problems to help apply skill in real life situations.

Level 2 is for which grade students?

Level 2 is for students in 6th grade or above. Prerequisite is Level 1. If enrolled for Level 2 directly Level 1 is also covered.

What new skills are learned here?

Here we introduce bigger multiplications and teach SURAJ multiplication developed by us based Vedic Mathematics.

What is Suraj Method?

SURAJ method is based on Vedic Mathematics. Many use cases will be there while using these methods. We unified them.
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Questions About Content and Training

The course is completely online. With mentoring support.

Who developed this content?

Content author is Sudha and is supported by Rajam Naidu. This is available as book in Amazon. as paper back and Kindle edition.

How training is imparted?

Workshop will have 4 sessions of online classes, supported by video lessons, do along videos, online practice assignments, guided assignments.

What is covered in online classes?

Online classes will have detailed explanation and practical application of methods learned. This becomes a new way of calculations.

What are the Levels?

SDK Speed Math workshop has two levels, in the first level we cover Complements, Addition, Subtraction and Mastering 99 Multiplication Tables. At the end of the workshop all the participants will be able to mentally recall any times table from 2 to 99.

Level 2 Details

Second level workshop covers bigger Multiplications, Squares, Cubes. Workshop covers a Suraj Multiplication Method developed based on Vedic Mathematics. At the end of the workshop mentally calculate 9347x9999 or calculate 69x69x69 using one line method.

How SDK Speed Math is useful?

Workshop is useful to improve mental math, speed, accuracy, logical thinking. This will boost confidence in Mathematics.
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