Speed Math Workshop

Calculations at speed of thought

Double your Calculation Speed in 4 hours Workshop

Important Information

Classes will begin from August, you may register now, we will inform you when the sessions start.

General Details of the online Workshop.

  • Duration of every session is 1 hour
  • Maximum participants is limited to 20
  • Workshop will be for 4 sessions spread over two weeks.
  • Interested can Register for a Free Introductory session before joining the course

Speed Math Session 1

Covers speed addition, subtraction and Mastering 99 Tables. Yes at the end of session partcipant can Master 99 Tables. Register Now

Speed Math Session 2

Covers a Suraj technique of multiplication using this method one can multiply numbers close to 100, close 1000 or any base. Register Now

Speed Math Session 3

Covers Fun with 5's,Fun with 9's, squares and cubes. Here one will learn doing some big calculations quickly. Register Now

Speed Math Session 4

Covers Suraj method of multiplying any 2 digit number with another two digit number,General Multiplication methods. Register Now

The workshop covers problem types shown below