Master 99 Multiplication Tables

If we are asked to subtract any number from 1 Million appears difficult, normally in that situation we tend to use a calculator.

But it becomes easy, if we change your approach in doing the calculation. This  simple approach is easy to learn and, this will improve your confidence, speed along with accuracy.

You can learn this method easily through a 5 minutes video.

If you find the approach is useful and it is impacting your calculation ability, you may choose to join a workshop conducted by SDK Technologies. By the end of the 4 hour workshop, spread over two days during week end, you can Master 99 Multiplication Tables. Following are the details of the workshop:

SDK's Speed Math Level 1 workshop, in this 4 hours, 2 Day workshop,  learn to Master 99 Multiplication Tables and multiplication of big numbers. At the end of the workshop, you will be  able to recite any table from 2 to 99 , you can calculate tables upto 999 mentally, and also learn to calculate any bigger multiplication, using a single line method. 

Here is their course link, you may join the workshop, Fee: Rs.499, you will have 4 hour online live sessions, followed by 3 month web access with practice exercise and video lesson.

Visit their course here 

SDK's Speed Math Level 1 Workshop

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